Dario Robleto
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, U.S. and Canada


Dario Robleto

Dario Robleto was born in 1972 in San Antonio, Texas; he lives and works in San Antonio.

In his sculptures, Robleto uses rare and archaic materials, including vinyl records, dinosaur fossils, and impact glass formed by meteorites or nuclear explosions. Taking his cue from disc jockeys’ music sampling, Robleto refers to history, memory, nostalgia, chance, and hope in order to understand the present. Sampling is a method of composing something new from existing sources in a nonlinear manner. To Robleto, this is a philosophy rooted in American history, rather than just a technique. His sculptures originate from his extensive research around an event, which eventually brings him to identify specifically evocative materials and forms. While his earlier work focused mostly on the history of rock and pop music and its relationship to official history and our personal lives, much of Robleto’s more recent work references the experience of war, raising such questions as “who is the enemy?” Since 1997 Robleto has exhibited in numerous one-person exhibitions at venues such as the Contemporary Art Museum Houston (2001); Whitney Museum of Art, New York (2003); the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (2003); and the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina (2006), among others. Group exhibitions have included One Planet Under a Grove, The Bronx Museum, New York (2001); Watery, Domestic, The Renaissance Society, University of Chicago (2002); and the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art (2004).

“I realized as he talked that the idea that humans are destroying the earth is a very shortsighted and even arrogant one. What humans are destroying, ultimately, is themselves. Dan repeatedly reminded me that it is impossible to destroy the earth…”

—Dario Robleto, on his meeting with a leading glaciologist at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

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