Dario Robleto
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, U.S. and Canada


Project Summary

During his first visit to Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, Dario Robleto spent much of his time with a prominent glaciologist who is monitoring the park’s melting glaciers. On his second site visit, Robleto participated in a glacier measuring expedition. He was able to capture a sound recording of the melting glacier and also an eight-millimeter film of shooting stars reflected in a pristine lake that was created by the water from the melting glacial ice. Both the sound recording and the film have become part of Robleto’s Human/Nature exhibition artwork. While visiting, Robleto also had encounters with bears, eagles, and rabbits, among other animals living in the park. These chance encounters contributed to the adventure and experience of the site.

Robleto’s Human/Nature artwork centers around a series of sculptures, as well as a film (a new medium for the artist), that focus on the inevitable loss of the glaciers, the mourning we collectively experience as we witness the changing of the earth at our own hands, and the ways in which loss can inspire new ways of thinking.

“I realized as he talked that the idea that humans are destroying the earth is a very shortsighted and even arrogant one. What humans are destroying, ultimately, is themselves. Dan repeatedly reminded me that it is impossible to destroy the earth…”

—Dario Robleto, on his meeting with a leading glaciologist at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

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